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What is the SDCY?

The Safe Driving Competition for Youth (SDCY) is an annual driving knowledge and skills competition, hosted by South Central PA Highway Safety, in conjunction with PennDOT.

The annual event test students driving knowledge and skills through three unique testing areas - written, perception and skills course. 

The SDCY is an opportunity for students to earn scholarship money, while also representing their school. 

To qualify, students must have a clean driving record and no crashes in their driving career. Each school participating may send up to three student drivers. 

Written Test

Through a series of questions, students are tested on their driving knowledge. Topics range from traffic patterns, laws, traffic signs, following distances, etc. 

Skills Course

Students get behind the wheel to demonstrate their driving ability during this portion of the competition. Obstacles include weaving, backing and parallel parking. Supervised by law enforcement officers, the skills course is not for the faint of heart. 

Perception Test

How much do you REALLY see when driving? This portion of the competition tests each student’s awareness of their surroundings. 

South Central PA Highway Safety

Serving Pennsylvania Counties:
Cumberland ~  Dauphin ~ Franklin ~ Perry

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